Mom update

Mom update

Wanted to give you all a brief update on how my mom is doing after I asked you to pray for her on Tuesday. The surgery went well, although the surgeon said it was more complicated than they thought it would be.

An interesting pre-op story. My brother John had driven up to Portland with two of his sons to be there for her. As they were driving up they were praying for the souls in Purgatory and continued the prayer while driving my mom to the hospital. When they arrived, the nurses and even the doctor were having difficulty finding a vein in which to insert the IV. After much trouble, the doctor finally said that if he couldn’t find one, he’d have to put it in her neck, which obviously distressed my mom. At that point, John began praying again and said to the souls newly released from Purgatory because of their prayers that they might consider that they owed him one and that since they were now in heaven, they could perhaps intercede on my mom’s behalf. At that the doctor exclaimed in surprise and said he’d just found a vein. He turned to my nephews, who he knew were praying for the grandmother, and said, “Good job, guys.”

Anyway, yesterday morning, she was still feeling groggy and a bit sick from the anesthesia and she had a slight fever, but the doctors thought she could be released to a rehab facility by the end of the week. So it’s good news.

And then we can do it all over again this summer when goes for the other knee.