Miscarriage of justice for a Catholic teen

Miscarriage of justice for a Catholic teen

A courageous and solid Catholic girl of 15 years has learned the difficult lesson that sometimes doing the right thing for the right reasons will often earn you enemies in this life.  You may have heard of Katelyn Sills, or more precisely what she did.

Katelyn was at a pro-life vigil outside an abortion clinic and recognized a teacher from her Catholic high school working as a clinic escort. She recognized the conflict and reported it to the school, Loretto High School in Sacramento, California. When the school did nothing after repeated inquiries, her family brought it to the attention of Bishop William Weigand, who to his credit ordered the teacher be fired.

Now it turns out that Katelyn, who blogged her experiences has been summarily expelled from her school.

“As of Saturday, October 29th, I was given official notice by express mail that I am expelled from Loretto High School. This was given completely without forewarning, without a meeting, and without a chance to say goodbye. My family is now seeking legal advice, and more details will follow.”

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli