Milingo to ordain more married men

Milingo to ordain more married men

Milingo is at it again. Now he’s announcing that he will ordain four more married priests men as bishops priests this month. The ordinations will be valid, but illicit and the excommunications will most likely be latae sententiae. As seems typical of both his clerical career and of too many dissident Catholics today, it’s all about him.

“This is a groundswell movement - a church within a church - that is forming and the Vatican is in a state of denial,” Milingo said yesterday at a news conference in Parsippany. “Our prelature is part of this movement. This is a new Pentecost. The Holy Spirit is creating a new church for this day.”

Notice the focus. This is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit because he presumes to tell the Church and the Holy Spirit what the will of God is here. He has no right to do so, yet his ego has become so large that he believes himself to have that right.

The poor fool and his gullible followers are in grave spiritual danger. Pray for them that they may wake up and realize the position they have placed themselves in.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli