Michael, what a great guy

Michael, what a great guy

One year after successfully having his wife killed so he could collect her malpractice judgment and marry the mother of several of his illegitimate children, Michael Schiavo continues to astound with his brazen delusions of grandeur. In Michael’s world up is down, light is dark, and killing someone is helping them. And apparently in heaven the dead praise Michael, not God.

“She’s up there right now praising me . . . and saying thank you.”

Adds Jodi Schiavo: “That is one of the qualities in him that I so admire. That up against everything, he stuck by her.”

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • Jodi appears to have fewer brain waves than Terri did.  We here in Florida who were actively involved in the fight to save Terri are never surprised by what husband of the year Michael will do or say.  We’re still reeling from his ‘marriage’ in a local Catholic church.  The skids are always greased for Mikey.  One hopes that Jodi has a living will and stays healthy.

  • There was always something a little strange about Michael Schiavo.  It wasn’t just that he wouldn’t permit her family to take care or her.  Or that he protested his desire to care for her at home himself…until the lawsuit money ran out.  Or that he wouldn’t permit anyone to perform diagnostic imaging on her for about the last 10 years.  And it wasn’t just the beady eyes.

    This militant messianic attitude taken by both him and his lawyer has a little bit too much of the ring of other famous personalities…Margaret Sanger (and her National Socialist fellow travelers) immediately come to mind.  But on a broader philosophical plane, so does Robespierre.  And Lenin.

    There are others.

  • Ironic that the name Micha-El means “who is like God?” – as in no one can be like God – given in answer to Satan.

  • Just so I’m not misunderstood, point being: even if she *did* agree with him, it doesn’t make it right, nor probably what she wanted when she was being murdered.

  • Jodi, if sleeping around, moving the woman into their house and fathering children is “sticking by her” you don’t expect much from a husband.