Michael Schiavo, blogger

Michael Schiavo, blogger

Michael Schiavo is blogging at the uber-lefty political blog Daily Kos. We already know that this man has no shame. Now that the pesky albatross of his brain-injured wife is no longer hanging around his neck, he can go out and be all that he can be. Ironically, if it weren’t for his decade-long quest to have his wife judicially executed, no one would care about his ridiculous political opinions. But instead, he’s going to milk his infamy for all it’s worth. He even laughably compares himself to discredited ambasaddor Joe Wilson of Nigerian yellowcake uranium fame, as a target of the vast right-wing conspiracy. There is no logical consistency and it reeks of paranoia.

Of course, the Angry Left laps it up.

Of course, the easiest thing to do now would be to walk away and move on. But the most dangerous time is now - after the headlines have faded. If Americans forget what happened, not only could it happen again, these politicians would escape the accountability our democracy demands.

That’s why I’ve started TerriPAC - a national political committee dedicated to fighting for our rights and holding the politicians accountable who played politics with my life and would do the same to you. We’ve already supported and contributed to several candidates and leaders who know the difference between running a country and running our lives.

But I’m writing this today to let you know that TerriPAC is sending me to Las Vegas to attend the YearlyKOS convention! At the convention, I’ve been invited to host a round-table discussion about the politics surrounding my case, the right-wing’s growing threat to our privacy and what we can do about it.

Michael Schiavo is a parasitic human being. I’ll pray for him, but I won’t like him.

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