Mental illness among gays: discrimination or something else?

Mental illness among gays: discrimination or something else?

A British study finds a high incidence of mental illness among homosexuals compared to the general population. The researchers clam that it’s because of anti-gay prejudice, but there are other possibilities as well. Could it be that same-sex attraction is itself an illness, one that the natural law written on our hearts tells us is contrary to our nature and that by embracing it, homosexuals create a conflict in themselves and thus open up the doors of further mental illness?

Not that these researchers could every consider it. The problem just cannot in homosexuals themselves. It must be, you guessed it, society’s fault. It’s all those intolerant homophobes. And in order to help these poor souls, in the interests of public health, sensitivity training will be required of everyone and it will be forbidden for churches to preach that homosexuality is immoral. Think that’s far-fetched? It’s already happened in Sweden.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli