Menino escalates; dissenters, gays stand up for Catholic Charities

Menino escalates; dissenters, gays stand up for Catholic Charities

Boston Mayor Tom Menino amps up the rhetoric against his fellow Catholics, sucks up to the gay community, and Catholic Charities—facing a boycott of Catholics upset over this honor to a pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage Catholic politician—is instead receiving support from the gay community. Doesn’t the fact that Catholics are boycotting while the radical gay community is lining up as allies give the people at Catholic Charities even a little pause? They’re looking less and less Catholic.

Menino used stronger language in his interview with the Boston gay newspaper Bay Windows than he has in mainstream newspapers.

“This is, once again … the right wing was trying to divide,” Menino told Bay Windows. “I’ve been a supporter of the gay rights movement since day one. I’ll always be. The Church has told me to treat people with respect.”

We’re getting lessons on the Church’s teachings from the same guy who said just the other day that the Church’s doctrines don’t forbid abortion or gay marriage. and for those of you who thought that invitation to Menino was an attempt to either sway him to the Church’s side on gay marriage or at least get him to sit out the debate politically, you’ve got your answer to that one.

Catholic Charities allows gay couples to adopt kids,” Menino points out. “Gee whillikers, this is an extension of what they do everyday – what I’m doing is what they do. It’s about people and how we help people. We still clothe more people, we still house more people, we still feed more people. And to have this controversy, it blows my mind really,” he adds. “Who are these people that are so hateful?”

And here the chickens come home to roost. This is exactly why Catholic Charities being involved in gay adoptions—whatever the state’s rules are—is such a problem. Because it allows disingenuous CINO politicians to use it as cover for their own flouting of the Church’s teachings. (And, yes, Menino does say things like “Gee whillikers.”)

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • So according to Menino, Jesus came to unite and not divide, and to teach mankind to be dominated by human respect rather than zeal for our Father’s House.

  • Like I said above, what does it tell Catholic Charities when those running to its side when in conflict with the archbishop are dissenters and those with an axe to grind against the Church and her teachings.

    Most likely what it tells Catholic Charities is something they were already fully aware of.  Perhaps, though, the important question is what does it tell the rest of us?

    As Benedict told us, the Church is going to get smaller.  It looks like the lines are being drawn…

  • The facts are very publicly clear. There is no smoke screen or fog to cloud the issue.

    The arch-Bishop either does his sworn duty and obligation to declare both Catholic Charities and Catholic Memino, that they lost their Catholic identy.  That they have publicly declared this fact by their “dissent” against Church Teaching. Therefore, they are no longer recognized as members of the Body of Christ.  If they desire to get back into the Body of Christ, then public “recantation” and the mercy and forgiveness of the Church will welcome them back.

  • “Larry Kessler…snip…has circulated an e-mail urging members of more inclusive Catholic groups…snip…to express support for the work of both the mayor and Catholic Charities by buying a table at the dinner…”

    The Archbishop needs to feel support from our side.  We can sends letters and e-mails.  Is there a way we can lend financial support in this little skirmish?  Put your money where your mouth is, as they say. I would be willing to send a check. 

  • Jones, I now realize that you said—“if being Catholic” and “if” makes the difference. My question was not necessary….

  • Wacky.

    The “technical” reason the Archbishop is not attending the bash is because of the Bishops’ statement regarding abortion and its proponents. How has this turned into a “gay rights” issue?

    Weak as he Bishops statement was, it’s bleeping clear about not honoring people who support abortion. The article glosses over this with its “woman’s right to choose” cliche.

    In another thread, I wondered if the “gay rights activists” were brushing aside the real victims of sexual abuse.

    Now I see that they’re ignoring—or perhaps applauding?—the horror of killing babies. And for what? The right to a cheap thrill?

    (One question…Zita? I’m sorry, but I’m not clear as to what you’re talking about regarding financial support. Can you elaborate?)

  • re: Kelly’s “Now I see that theyunteract that. 

    Gay groups tend to have a lot of spending power; it distresses me to watch them wield it against my Church, fighting an Archbishop who I think (I hope) is trying to do the right thing. 

    Larry Kessler et al, are trying to influence the outcome of this showdown
    with a display of financial clout.  I don’t know if his email urging to his friends has produced an outpouring or not.  I just thought maybe it would help Archbishop O’Malley to take heart if there was an outpouring from our side as well. 

    I think this is a crucial battle in the life of the Catholic Church.  As JimNoble said “The teleology of sodomy is death. The teleology of heterosexual desire is new life.”

    I want the side of Life to win.               

  • Catholic Charities adopts children to gay couples.  This means that CC recognizes them as a ligitimate family in which children can be part. This is against Church Teaching.

    Abortion is against Church teaching, gay or homosexual so-called marriage is against Church teaching. Hence the issue is losing one’s “Catholic Identity” for dissenting against Church teaching.

    Sad to say, money, along with public protest is the so called power of the faithful.
    Imagine, an apostle cannot be moved by the Word of God, or Church Teaching.

    Shame. Shame.

  • Zita, your idea is certainly a charitable one.  But, I don’t think Archbishop O’Malley is personally motivated by money, and I think it’s doubful he would act based on people sending him “carrots.”  A note of encouragement would probably be equally if not more effective.

  • Yes, Zita, I agree with Mary Jane…a brief note of encouragement and thanks for not attending the dinner is a charitable and good idea. (Although gee whillikers…he wasn’t supposed to attend the dinner, given the honoree, given the Bishops’ statement.)

    This is a battle that simply cannot be won or lost by money or the lack of it.

    I think it’s a good idea, by the way, to remember (or maybe just remind myself) exactly what the battle lines are. Larry Kessler isn’t the enemy. Mayor Menino isn’t the enemy. The Bay Windows publishers and staff aren’t the enemy.

    The point of the battle is always to win souls.

    I want the side of Life to win.

    It has. Jesus conquered sin for us on the Cross. The side of Life has already won. The question is, who’s going to separate himself from that victory?

  • And also, it may not be the case that money counts in the long run, but it sure does in the short run.

    Remember that the enthusiasm for Luther was not all caused by intellectual activity.  Shocked?  Don’t be.  That’s how things work.

  • Makes one wonder whether Boston will be the Wittenburg this time, instead of LA, which we all suspected before…….

    I’d laugh but it’s too gruesome to contemplate this huge thing that *could* happen……..

  • The bishops, I believe in an effort to stave off schism, have pandered to this element so long, that some of the bishops are from this element and some degree of schism is probably inescapable.

    Pay now or pay later.  If you pay later, you pay with interest.