Mel Gibson’s Hollywood present and future

Mel Gibson’s Hollywood present and future

The New York Times follows up The Passion of The Christ and Mel Gibson’s standing among the cultural elites (as if he cares now). The newspaper’s conclusion is that pretty much everyone loves Mel now, including Middle America, except for the Hollywood establishment. But nothing heals wounds in Hollywood like money, so studio executives are caught between their dislike of Gibson’s naked display of religious piety and their love of his new star power and the big box offices it could bring them. So will Mel be blacklisted or not?

Apparently some people will resist working with him despite his greater star power. He’s apparently not liked for having defended his father from media attacks over his kooky and offensive views about the Holocaust. Still, it’s very telling that few of these big Hollywood power players interviewed for the article actually saw The Passion, the highest grossing movie of the year so far and one of the most successful of all time, that has made a visceral connection with the heart and soul of the movie industry’s customer base. Isn’t that telling?

  • Mel Gibson’s a giant – a great Christian hero.  He’s got the money, the guts and the faith to continue to do things which glorify God.  If other Hollywood types want to do the same (to glorify God), that’s great.  For those with other agendas, they will become increasingly irrelevant.

  • How many paper’s have apologized to Mel Gibson for all but implying that showing this film would ignite a modern version of Kristallnacht? You guessed it none!