Chaput on voting pro-life

Chaput on voting pro-life

Here is Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver’s excellent article on voting as a Catholic. In it, the archbishop puts the lie to the old “seamless garment” argument that one can vote for a pro-abortion candidate since one is taking the candidate’s whole platform into account—as if being for fair wages makes up for being for killing children.

    In politics, prudence seeks the common good by weighing alternatives, making reasonable compromises and avoiding unnecessary conflict.ism. And a man who has shown such bad judgment—a priest who engages in homosexual activity and who has sex with a minor and who has sex at all—should have to work extra hard to prove his trustworthiness and fitness to be a pastor of souls. Since the whole thing only came to light this year, I wonder if that’s enough time for him to prove that.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli