McCarrick to “listen” to Sash-ayers

McCarrick to “listen” to Sash-ayers

The Rainbow Sash Movement claims that Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington has agreed to a “listening session” with them this fall. Just great.

Is this the listening and respect that Cardinal George was advocating? Because all this does is sow confusion and create hope where there should be none. Read their press release: it is the worst hodgepodge of confused Catholic theology. The “sensus fidelium,” they claim, is the bishop “trying to determine the parishioners’ pastoral needs.” No, it’s not. It is the instinctive sensitivity in matters of faith exercised by the whole body of believers whose appreciation and discernment of revelation is guided by the Holy Spirit. (“A Concise Dictionary of Theology,” O’Collins and Farrugia) It is a commonly held understanding of the faith as held by the entire Church, practiced in an unchanging way over the centuries. For example, the doctrine of the Assumption, only formally defined in 1950, was a commonly held belief celebrated by Christians from the beginning of the Church.