Mass changes now online

Mass changes now online

The Archdiocese of Boston finally has its list of changes being made to how we celebrate Mass online. The relevant sections are the fourth and fifth pages. You’ll notice in reading them that some of the innovations introduced by pastors as mandated changes, such as the order that the congregation not genuflect to the tabernacle during Mass, are not in there. All Catholics should read this document and be aware of what the archdiocese and the universal Church for that matter are mandating and what they are not. I have a feeling that some “innovator” priests are using the changes to sneak in their own pet projects.

The fifth page gets into areas we haven’t seen covered, specifically changes to how lay ministers operate. For one thing, they are no longer to take over the celebrant’s task of dividing the consecrated Hosts and Precious Blood into separate vessels for Communion. For another, the lectionary is no longer to be carried in procession. Only the Book of Gospels should, if it is in use in that parish.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli