Mass. bishops make marriage amendment push

Mass. bishops make marriage amendment push

This past weekend, the Bishops of the four dioceses in Massachusetts, through the Mass. Catholic Conference, made a major push for Catholics to demand a vote on the marriage amendment.

Coming up on November 9 is the postponed and long-delayed constitutional convention, at which the Legislature is supposed to take up a vote on whether to include a constitutional amendment to protect marriage on a future ballot. They were supposed to vote on it in the Spring, but legislative leaders postponed it to two days after the election so that they wouldn’t have to be on record and it wouldn’t become a campaign issue. Such courage is rarely seen. If they really believed in what they were doing and believed it was the will of the people, they wouldn’t have to resort to such tactics.

Massachusetts Catholics are asked to contact their state representatives and senators and ask them to demand the marriage amendment be brought to a vote and that they vote in favor of it. Let the people vote!

What is the Boston Globe hiding?

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Domenico Bettinelli