Marketing anti-Catholicism

Marketing anti-Catholicism

It’s not surprising to find anti-Catholicism in all sorts of places, but I will admit I was surprised to see it on the web site of the American Marketing Association.

The article is titled “The Roman Catholic Hierarchy: Putting the Squeeze on Politicians” and it’s about the nefarious Catholic Church and her greedy tentacles reaching into the heart of America, squeezing the life out of noble politicians who say it’s OK to kill babies and turn marriage into a farce and destroy the family. It’s the same, old 19th-century “Know Nothing” bigotry repackaged for the new millennium. This paragraph is representative:

DEVELOPMENTS LIKE THESE force us to ask to what extent a large and powerful church, synagogue, or mosque has the right to coerce its members in order to influence public debate on issues of public morality. Every time a dominant church group does this, it is turning to the power of the state to enforce its religious or sectarian values, doing so because persuasion of a free people failed. This naturally violates the religious freedom of those of differing faith or no faith.

Sure, the author makes noises about how good the Catholic Church used to be about tolerance of other faiths, but then he makes the Church of today look like an evil monster. Typical anti-Catholic bigotry.

[Hat tip to Deacon Mike for the link.]
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Domenico Bettinelli
  • My favorite part is when he says” This acceptance of what is tantamount to force, then, crosses the line and is extremely dangerous. One could ask, if refusal of communion doesn’t work, would the church escalate to excommunication, interdict, inquisition, or even burning at the stake?”

    I know here in St. Louis, we’ve already done the interdict thing, so I guess we’re one step closer to burning at the stake than the rest of the country.

    Does anyone know where I can buy a fireproof dalmatic? 

  • “Forcing Catholics and Catholic politicians to choose between their duty to their country and their commitment to the church is a sure recipe for internal dissension, anti-clericalism, and perhaps schism. Just such a conflict is what caused English Catholics in the sixteenth century to flock to the Anglican Church.”

    I’m bemused by the author’s arrogance.

    Not only does he presume to tell the Catholic Church hierarchy that they have no business teaching their flock; not only does he presume to tell us that, unlike the bishops, he alone knows wherein our civic duty lies; but he also wants to lecture us about history (incorrectly, it turns out) and warn us of impending disaster for this Church he excoriates!

    The reason that English Catholics “flocked” to the Anglican church was itself because of coercion!  The king was made the head of the new church, and anyone who refused to swear fealty to him was considered a traitor and subject to death!

    Does this moron really believe that’s what’s going on here in the USA?

    BTW—since when is denial of communion to someone who has self-declared himself to be out of communion with us any different from latae sententia excommunication?  Does the author know nothing of the faith at all?

    Sorry—stupid question, that last.

  • Just think of it—they let guys like Robert Grant become judges, deciding the fate of human beings!  I say unleash some blogospherage — email him a pithy, charitable rebuke.  His email is at the bottom: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  These people keep on chugging as long as they don’t feel opposed.  What a maroon!

  • >>>DEVELOPMENTS LIKE THESE force us to ask to what extent a large and powerful church, synagogue, or mosque has the right to coerce its members in order to influence public debate on issues of public morality.<<<<

    Darn straight!  I’m still peeved after all these years by Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. attempts to influence public opinion.

  • Last I checked no one is being coerced to be a Catholic – the door is always open both ways.  Grant is engaging in fear mongering.

    It might be a sign, though, that there really is rough times ahead, and we all need to get ready – to strip for action and stay in ranks.

    If Grant & the into-the-apples-again Catholics think JP2 is hard on them, they should get a visit from St. John “You brood of vipers” the Baptist.  Y’know, I was just thinking: Wouldn’t it be grand if the Church militant could borrow him for a while?