Marini under the microscope

Marini under the microscope

Some people are claiming that because Archbishop Piero Marini was not immediately ousted as papal master of liturgical ceremonies upon the election of Pope Benedict, this constitutes an endorsement of all his wacky ideas about papal liturgy. That may be a bit of a stretch.

Marini himself has said that Pope Benedict closely reviews all his liturgical plans and doesn’t allow him the free hand he had under John Paul II.

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With John Paul II I had a bit more freedom,” the Italian prelate told the web site. “We had an implicit pact, because he was a man of prayer and not a liturgist.” With the new Pope, he continued, “I have to be a bit more attentive, because he is an expert on liturgy.”

In addition, he said that he and the Holy Father are conducting an extensive re-examination of papal liturgical celebrations. My guess is that we won’t be seeing any half-naked African tribal dances during Pope Benedict’s Masses.

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