Marini out

Marini out

UPI is reporting that Italian Vatican-watcher Sandro Magister says Archbishop Piero Marini is being replaced as master of pontifical liturgical ceremonies. It’s not unexpected, of course, since Pope Benedict has very different liturgical tastes than Marini (and John Paul, for that matter.)

Out will go the “international” Masses so dear to Pope John Paul II’s heart, with such innovations as Latin American and African rhythms and even dancing, multi-lingual readings and children in national costumes bringing gifts to the altar.

Pope Benedict wants to return to the Sistine Chapel choirs singing Gregorian chant and the church music of such composers as Claudio Monteverdi from the 17th century. He also wants to revive the Latin Mass.

I’ve seen such speculation ever since April 19, but if Magister has good sources for this, it could be a sign of things to come. No more half-naked native dancers gyrating before the papal throne, but a return to the beautiful, uplifting, and inspirational sounds of chanted Latin. I wonder how long before it begins to filter down into the GIRM and liturgical legislation.

  • Liturgists across America are curled up in a ball, begging for Prozac; screaming “schola, SCHOLAAAAAA….at maddening levels.

  • I say hit it!

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    You’ll declare it’s simply “top-thing” to be there
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    Puttin’ on the Ritz


  • This just in:  Marty Haugen, David Haas, and the St. Louis Jesuits have taken hostages at the Los Angeles Cathedral.  The SWAT Team has been dispatched. Developing…

    On a related note, 520 of the 521 remaining prisoners at Guanatamo Bay have made full confessions after six hours of Haugen’s “Gather Us In” was piped into their cells at Muzac-level volume.  The other prisoner was deaf.

  • I don’t know much about music, but I do like the traditional hymns a lot. Old habits die hard. I wonder, has anyone ever done any research on Franz Ignatz? The guy ought to up for canonization with what he wrote and how long it has endured. Beautiful stuff!

  • Sure hope it’s not a false alarm.

    If Pope Benedict XVI manages to clean up the liturgy, he’s a saint for sure.  A doctor of the church. 

    I’m loving this.  I can’t help it.  =)

  • “On a related note, 520 of the 521 remaining prisoners at Guanatamo Bay have made full confessions after six hours of
    2005-06-23 08:10:50
    2005-06-23 12:10:50
    Let the new Crusades begin!  And let’s start with the United States!

  • Will anything change before the chanceries are convinced?

    I give Roman direction by example a negative 1% chance of success.  But then I live in the Cleveland Diocese where Bishop Pilla gets upset when we kneel and make a thanksgiving after receiving Communion.  It’s not “community-minded”, you know.

  • Marini ought to follow his mentor as the Holy See’s emissary to Tehran.  But on the other hand, dancing girls are outlawed there, I think.  Or perhaps the pope could create the Vatican Office for Fenestral Dimmaculation (window-washing) and name him president.