Man buys still-new-in-box Apple //c

Man buys still-new-in-box Apple //c

I had an Apple //c computer back in the day (about mid-80s). It was an awesome computer, later replaced by my also long-lost Apple IIGS. There’s something about those pre-Mac Apples that hasn’t been replicated in today’s new Macs.

A very lucky and nostalgic fellow found a //c on eBay that was still new in its box and has posted photos of himself unboxing it on Flickr.

Anyone else remember Roy Scheider using one of these in “2010: A Space Oddysey”? It even had the near-mythical flat screen on it. In a couple of years this guy could make that vision come true!


  • Our first computer was the //c. We paid about $800.00 at Macy’s for it. No hard drive, little memory, but hours of fun typing in data to create all kinds of programs. These came from the many excellent computer magazines back in the 80’s that had little advertising but wonderful articles that actually taught us how to “Compute”; which was one of the named mags. Thanks for the memories, Domenico!

  • If I ever start that retro-80’s nerd-rock band, I’m calling it:
    HyperCard Stax. 

    I had an old Mac Classic that ran 7.5, w/ Eudora and Mosaic and such.

    I love telling windoze dupes about how old Macs were plug-n-play networkable right out of the box. The first time I worked in an office where I got stuck having to manage the windoze network, I learned what true pain really was.