Mahony deposed

Mahony deposed

A judge has finally cornered Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles and ordered him to provide a deposition by November. It will be one of the first depositions Mahony has give, since he’s been avoiding them like the plague. Apparently, resolving the lawsuits and getting to the truth is not something the cardinal is eager to do.

And remember that it was Cardinal Mahony who said in early 2002 that if he had done what Cardinal Bernard Law had done, he would have a hard time holding his head up as he walked down the aisle of his cathedral. He was also allegedly quoted anonymously as saying that Cardinal Law should resign. You don’t hear anything like that from him anymore.

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • I have to wonder how any human being could say what Cardinal Mahony did about Cardinal Law, assuming that Cardinal Mahony had done anything similar.

    I don’t say this out of a specific desire to bash Cardinal Mahony. But there are some things in the world I will never understand, and one of them is schadenfreude or pharisaism or denunciation of those who’ve done something that you have secretly done yourself.

    It’s not some liberal belief that hypocrisy is the sin of sins. It’s more that every man has perfect knowledge of what is in his own closet, and thus if he has any integrity at all, knows what circumstances that can self-justify a sin. Even the shamelessly prudent self-serving man would be careful, for no better reason than to avoid being the object of a metaphor involving petards and being hoisted.

    It’s not really a matter of the seriousness of the sin that makes it inexplicable to me. There are sins in the world I well understand and can see how a man with a conscience can sabotage or subvert that divine spark.

    I can understand a thief because we all covet and have property; I can understand an adulterer because … well … I’m a man; I can even understand a murderer because I’ve lost my temper and wished ill on people or that they’s just “go away”; even the generic liar usually acts in some way that could be to his own advantage.

    But what is being charged against Cardinal Mahony … no. I don’t understand it.

  • When you said “Mahony deposed” I thought wow, the Holy Ghost finally took care of him.

    No one gave a damn about his rape of the Faith, his promotion of voting by illegal immigrants, his sacking of good orthodox priests, his total support for “Call to Action”, his hetrodoxy about all things Catholic, including the Mass(except Mother Angelica).  His abuse of Tradtionalists including his half assed attempt at fullfilling “Eccesia Dei”.  Now it seems he hasn’t met a priest pedophile that he won’t protect.

    Rome sat there and still sits and puts up with this guy.

    JP2 waited a few years to give him his red hat……after appointing him archbishop.  This pope should not wait so long to depose him.

    He is a prelate that isn’t just bengin to the Traditional Faith, he opposes it.

  • Yep, that’s my bishop!  I’ll be seeing him soon when our new parish hall is dedicated next month.  My daughter was invited to a mass at her friend’s church last spring where the good cardinal was the principal celebrant.  Among other things, when that time came for the faithful to “Lift up your hearts”, our prince of the Church intoned enthusiastically, “Lift up your *hands*!”  I know that this is perhaps a small thing in the great morass of Mahony, but for me it somehow sums it all up.

  • He’s my bishop too. A gentle reminder that no matter what he has, has not or shoulda done, PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM. He needs our help, regardless if he recognizes that fact or not.

  • Amarikidd,

    Thanks for the reminder.  I try to remember to pray for him everyday, but I don’t always succeed.