Love Satan?

Love Satan?

In the “Ask Father” section of the Life Teen website, the following question appears: “God calls us to love everyone. Should we love the devil?” The “Father” of “Ask Father” replies Yes, because the Lord commands us to love our enemies. What do you all think?

  • It is correct that the Devil (who is a person and not a behvioral choice, Roberto) cannot change (as the Catechism teaches on both points). But is God’s love conditional to whether someone can or will change or is it unconditional? Is God’s continuing love necessary for the continued existence of any creature? And is our love the same as God’s love, in kind if not quality or quantity?

    And there’s the practical question of whether it’s prudent to teach teens to “love” the Devil. I’m not so sure it’s wise to advance such a highly speculative and nuanced theological position in a catechetical circumstance.

  • “Well I don’t think that this is accurate because by that logic then the devil would have ceased to exist long ago.”

    That assumes that God doesn’t love the devil and you say that He does.

    For my part, I don’t think we are called to love the Devil in the human sense, not as we are called to love all humans.

  • John 15:12. “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. 13. Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. 14. You are my friends if you do what I command you.

    17. This I command you, to love one another.

    When in doubt, go to the source…

    Jesus was speaking to humans, about humans.

  • Several comments:  I am from the St. Louis area and have relatives that lived near the in Carondelet and they told me that the entire seventh floor of the Alexian Brothers Hospital was no longer used after the problems with this boy.  I also remember the uproar in the St. Louis papers in the early ‘80’s if I remember correctly, of the people who didn’t want the hospital to be torn down out of fear that the once possessing demons would be released. 

    About the article on loving Satan…  I think that it was very irresponsible to phrase his thinking in these terms.  I believe he erred by giving such an answer on a teen site for those who are at the age of ‘flirting with the devil’ so to speak.

    It is not even possible to ‘love Satan’ for we do not know Satan and knowledge of the person or of a group of people is necessary, i.e., the object must be known before loved.  In loving other humans, we can of course, make right judgements about their worthiness to be loved. Even with Satan worshipers, they are only loving a constructed image of Satan.  I doubt that anyone would love him if they knew what would become of them when they finally meet.  There is a false sense of being loved or appreciated for the cult rendered.

    Also, a teenager should in no way be asked to have any appreciation of someone who is Hell-bent on human destruction.  This is a lofty theological issue that normal teenagers are not qualified to examine correctly and I believe that this should be removed from his website.  Best regards, Giulio

  • “Do you reject Satan?”

    “And all his works?”

    “And all his empty promises?”

    I enjoy Giulio’s posts, but I’m not so sure this is all that lofty of a theological issue. I mean, teens and adults are asked to renew our rejection of Satan at least once a year.

  • When I say lofty, I think of understanding what St. Thomas has to say…  What would a 15 year old think if he had to read the article mentioned by Jeff above and discuss it:

    On plain terms, the priest should have used his common lingo and said Satan is bad stuff and you know it so stay away and don’t worry about it… Concentrate on the God who loves you and died for you proving it.

    That’s all and thanks,  Giulio

  • No problem, Giulio. I guess I’d would have rather seen the good Padre say something like:

    “Are you ~&)E@* nuts? Or simply stupid? We vow to REJECT Satan (a.k.a. the devil) every year at Easter, where the bleep have you been???”

    I guess, sorta like what you suggested.

    Kelly <—-will consider any offers for youth ministry jobs wink