Losing even the appearance of traditional values

Losing even the appearance of traditional values

Slowly but surely all those pro-family, pro-life Massachusetts Democrats we were supposed to be excited about all these years have shown their true colors. Their positions were nothing more than political expediency. When Christ’s teachings communicated through the Church mattered to Catholic voters and they voted accordingly, then you saw even some Mass. Democrats holding decidely conservative positions, at least on social issues. But no longer.

I recall that when I used to criticize former House Speaker Tom Finneran for his liberalism, older Catholics, among them many devout people, corrected me and warned that despite some liberal positions he was a stalwart on stuff that mattered to the Church. (I guess impoverishing the middle class through high taxes and overregulation doesn’t matter to the Church.) Of course, that all changed as he was leaving office and wanted a job working for the biotechnology industry. Suddenly, he saw the light (and the dollar signs) and became pro-embryonic stem cell research.

Likewise, Sen. Marian Walsh was considered a reliable Catholic stalwart, pro-life, pro-family, and so on. Not anymore. After the Scandal broke and Voice of the Faithful rose up and certain political liberals saw the influence of the Church waning among Catholic voters, she saw that attacking the Church would play better among her Catholic constituents. 

John Rogers hops the face to the pro-gay marriage side

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  • The solons in Massachusetts can be bought very cheaply, sad to say.  However, some of them do listen when their constituents call them.  It worked with the in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.  It can work with this.  July 12th is the next step in this long process…

    As with bishops, we get the ones we deserve.

  • “Suddenly, he saw the light (and the dollar signs) and became pro-embryonic stem cell research.”

    Wasn’t this a case of misreporting by the Herald?


    “Former Speaker of the MA House, Tom Finneran, called this morning and spoke to Maria Parker and me to assure us that the report in this morning’s Boston Herald … is inaccurate.  Mr. Finneran assured us that he has not changed his position and does not support embryonic stem cell research.”

  • I wonder if Rep. John Rogers and his political supporters in his district will use the same strategies that Rep. Tom Sannicandro(a once-upon-a-time practicing Catholic) and his political supporters are using. In order to demean and disparage anyone who does not agree with the same-sex agenda of MassEquality which gave Tom Sannicandro the money and organizational support to win his seat at the StateHouse for the 7th Middlesex District(read “MassEquality:We Do Recruit” in Bay Windows,9/30/04), Sannicandro’s legislative aide,Wes Ritchie, who is on a number of town committees in Framingham, is publicly denouncing at least 8 people who are on these committees as “bigots” because they signed the Marriage Amendment petition and their names were published on the Know Thy Neighbor.org list.
    I expect that Rep. John Rogers will be receiving
    funds and organizational help from MassEquality just as Rep. Sannicandro did. And now that Patrick Guerriero is leaving Log Cabin to become the director of The Gill Action Fund,“the largest funder of LGBT causes in the country”…“After the Human Rights Campaign(HRC) the Gill Foundation is the second largest donor to MassEquality”(Bay Windows,5/23/06-“Pat Guerriero to leave Log Cabin”), just think of all the money that MassEquality will funnel into Rep. John Rogers’s campaign, as well as Rep. Sannicandro’s!
    With that kind of power, a campaign using the Know Thy Neighbor list to smear those who signed the Marriage Amendment Petition and label them as “bigots’ will certainly grow beyond the Framingham district!

  • Given that most of Rogers’ constituents do not read Bay Windows (even though it is available for free to anyone, any age at Stop and Shop supermarkets), I wonder how many of them know about this yet?