Loony lefty America-hating anti-war rally

Loony lefty America-hating anti-war rally

image Okay, not all people who thought the war in Iraq was a bad idea are stupid and neither are all liberals. With that qualification, I present to you photos of the anti-war march in San Francisco over the weekend. I’m especially enamored of this photo. Nice people.

Of course, there were plenty of comparisons of Bush to Hitler, an old and tired refrain. Ironically, if Bush were Hitler, these people would have long ago been arrested and imprisoned. Thankfully they live in a free nation governed by democratic leaders and have every right to publicly express their idiocy.

It also seems that the anti-war Angry Left seems obsessed with Palestine and Israel. According to the photographer, Palestinian chic was in evidence everywhere. Hey, it’s one thing to sympathize with innocent Palestinians caught between terrorists killing in their name and Israel’s justified fear of deadly attack, but it’s another thing to glorify terrorism and spout anti-Semitism.

Funny, where’s Abe Foxman to condemn this blatant incitement of anti-Semitism? I tend to doubt many people in this crowd went to see The Passion, so he can’t be bothered with them. He’s too busy worrying about the old Presbyterian granny and her hundred-year-old family Bible.

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