Looking for Bella, the movie

Looking for Bella, the movie

Obviously we’ll have to see this movie if only for the title. Robert Novak writes about the movie “Bella,” which he says is exciting pro-lifers. It’s a movie made by three Mexicans—a director, a producer, and an actor—all of them Catholics who want to make movies outside the usual Hollywood mold of sex and violence.

Funny that the column doesn’t exactly tell you what the movie is actually about, but it does that “it acknowledges a woman’s pain of carrying a baby to term only to give it up for adoption” and is “a dramatic depiction of choices facing an unmarried pregnant woman.”

Amazingly enough for a pro-life film made by devout Catholics, it won the People’s Choice award at the Toronto Film Festival. Now, I’m on record as saying I care little for secular awards for Christian projects, but the fact of the award is interesting in itself.

You’ll probably have to find it in art house theaters in limited release around the country or find it on DVD eventually. I’ll be interested in seeing what my own favorite movie reviewer, Stephen Greydanus, has to say about it when he reviews it at the Decent Films Guide.

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  • I saw Bella during a special screening in L.A. last week and it was a truly inspiring, amazing film. Look for this to be in wide release sometime in 2007 – not just in the art house theaters.