Looking for a few good MP3s

Looking for a few good MP3s

Melanie and I were in agreement this morning after Mass that we wish somebody would put up a web site with MP3 recordings of good performances of good hymns. Not MIDI-generated computerish sound files that were high-tech in 1990. Not somebody with a cheap microphone in their parish. I mean professionally recorded and produced by professional musicians.

And not necessarily Gregorian chant. We’re thinking more along the lines of hymns in the Liturgy of the Hours and other older classic hymns. (It’s so sad that after 40 years of bad liturgical music we’ve been so impoverished that we don’t even know our rich musical heritage.)

We’d even pay for it, a la iTunes. We’re often left wondering what exactly is the tune for that hymn in today’s Morning Prayer or Evening Prayer because we’d like to sing it.

Unless, of course, somebody’s already done it and I haven’t found the web site….

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Domenico Bettinelli