Looking back…

Looking back…

As I look back to one year ago today, the death of Pope John Paul II, I thought it would be illuminating to re-read what I had written at the time. I put my initial thoughts and feelings on the event into a brief post on that Saturday...

I wanted to write up my first impressions upon the death of the Holy Father. I’ve actually been out all day at a conference featuring Scott and Kimberly Hahn hosted at Holy Family Parish in Rockland, Mass. (Thank you to Fr. Clark who provided me with an Internet connection so I could post stories at the time of the death of the Pope.)

I think it is significant that the Holy Father died when he did. He died at the very end of Easter day—Easter in the Church calendar is eight days—and he was just a few hours away from the eight day. That eighth day is also Divine Mercy Sunday, a feast implemented by John Paul, at the instigation of a great Polish saint, Sr. Faustina, a mystic that a young Karol Wojtyla was instrumental in rehabilitating. For some years, she was held at arm’s length by Rome because of some mistranslations of her writings from Polish into Italian. It was Wojtyla who retranslated that work to show that her theology was definitely in line with Church teaching. How appropriate. ... [Click the link above to read the whole thing.]

And then some more thoughts on the following day.br />

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