You offend me with your heterosexuality

You offend me with your heterosexuality

Normally I wouldn’t care that Harvard was giving some actress Artist of the Year honors, except i noticed the reaction to her speech in some quarters. Members of the (deep breath) Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, and Supporters Alliance (did I leave anyone out?) were upset because Jada Pinkett Smith’s speech was too, well, heterosexual. Mind you, Smith is heterosexual. She is the wife of actor Will Smith. And it’s not like she’s exactly a conservative. Her politics are probably somewhere to the left of Dick Gephardt’s. And from what I read, her speech wasn’t supposed to be about anything more than being named Artist of the Year.

So what’s got the BGLTSAAAAAAAA…. all upset?

“Some of the content was extremely heteronormative, and made BGLTSA members feel uncomfortable,” BGLTSA co-chairman Jordan Woods told the Crimson.

Hetero-whatnow? They took issues with her speech because it was too specific to heterosexual relationships. Maybe that’s because Smith is a heterosexual. Evidently, in order to satisfy the thought police, all speeches henceforth must now include the proper pouring of libations to the gods of political correctness.

Update: Apparently the sentence that set them off was: “Women can have it all
One of the most common complaints I heard during all the intense media coverage of the Scandal over the past three years is that it unfairly targets the Church. What about all the other denominations, they asked, and the teachers and police and who-knows-who-else? Fair enough. The Boston Herald has a three-part series called “Dangerous Educators.”

It oulines how teachers with criminal records, including sexual abuse, were able to hide their records and get teaching jobs. It sounds vaguely familiar.

  • Reference checks on prospective teachers aren’t always done thoroughly.

  • Private and public schools don’t communicate with each other about problem teachers.

  • Arbitrators and superintendents sometimes give questionable teachers a second chance.

Now all we need is some evidence of a “rat line” showing administrators knew about the behavior and shuffled the teachers from school to school.