Llama Chutes II: The Slidening

Llama Chutes II: The Slidening

Last year I received a strange spam email inquiring about any “llama chutes” I might have for sale. I responded that I am the world’s finest purveyor of llama chutes, especially models that let them slide from up to 100-feet high, and that he could send me a certified check. We had some fun in the comments and then I promptly forgot about it.

Tonight I just received the following email:

You say that you have the finest chutes, well,I went to your site and found nothing…So guess what I went else where, to a site when you go on to there site you find chutes for sale…I typed in chutes and got nothing…What kind of site have you got????I expect that when I do a Google search on Llama chutes I will open a site and find chutes for sale….Well there was nothing on your site so I moved on…Just to let you know that if you want to sell chutes you better have then on your site when you open it up.

Here was my response:

You’re kidding, right? You can’t be serious. Are you really as obtuse as this email seemed or is your humor just more sublime than I gave you credit for.

Just in case, here’s a tip: Just because something is listed in a Google search doesn’t mean it necessarily has anything to do with what you’re looking for.

Let me be plain: I was making a joke. I don’t sell llama chutes. I hope you’re very happy with the chutes you found.

The funny thing is, if you do a Google search for “llama chutes,” my original tongue-in-cheek blog entry is the sixth entry. Too funny.


Written by
Domenico Bettinelli
  • I vaguely recalled the original “Llama Chutes” post and thought t was a bit of fun.  I had no idea there actually is such a thing.  Learned something new today.

  • Mr. Bettinelli,

    Do you know how many llamas are killed each year following their addiction to the dangerous and vertiginous thrills of poorly-constructed llama chutes? Do the sufferings of thousands of bereaved relatives of those dead of chute-induced heart attack and curvy-back not trouble you?

    Cease advertising these life-and-llama threatening products. You may particularly recognize substandard and shoddy construction in chutes advertised with the notorious “llama song”, that siren hymn with frequent and sinister references to the llama’s only natural predator, the duck.