Liveblogging: Theology of the Body, Part III

Liveblogging: Theology of the Body, Part III

Third Talk: The Resurrection of the Body & the Heavenly Marriage

First we talked about our origin, now we discuss our destiny.

In the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage. Marriage on earth (the marriage of Adam and Eve) is only a sign to point us to the Marriage of the Lamb in heaven. The sacrament gives way to reality.

Marriage is a signpost to heaven. It would be foolish to pull over and cling to the road sign that says “Boston, 50 miles” and say “I’m there.” We venerate marriage and sexual union, but we don’t worship. Our culture worships sex, turns the icon into an idol, the signpost into the destination.

All our confusion is the human desire for heaven gone berserk.

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