Little Haleigh improves after state sought death sentence

Little Haleigh improves after state sought death sentence

Recall the story of Haleigh Poutre, the little Massachusetts girl abused by her adoptive parents and left in the care of the Massachusetts Department of Social Services, which wanted to pull the plug on life support. When her the adoptive father sued to block them (her death would have resulted in murder charges against him), the delay gave Haleigh time for her condition to improve. Some have accused DSS of being so quick to pull the plug on Haleigh because there was question of DSS’s culpability in not stopping the abuse earlier. (Previous blog entries: 1, 2, 3, 4)

Now Haleigh’s biological mother is suing the state for the right to visit her daughter in the hospital. Notice how the article says “Haleigh had been the focus of a right-to-die case.” Whose right to die? Haleigh’s? She wasn’t seeking to be allowed to die; she was fighting for her life. This was a “right-to-kill” case with the state looking for judicial approval to kill Haleigh.

State blocks mom’s visits unless she stays mum

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