Like candy from a baby

Like candy from a baby


We went to my half-sister’s high school graduation party. It was a nice time and I got to see my aunts and uncles. Plus there was the usual fare including cakes and pastries. Isabella was especially partial to the chocolate cupcakes and so I cut one in quarters for her and put it on her plate.

An elderly lady, an in-law of my dad’s I think, came over to marvel at Isabella and how cute she is. (Who could blame her?) And as adults often do, she played with the standard toddler possessiveness by asking Bella, “Can I have some of your cupcake?”

I think she was quite surprised when Isabella handed her some, quite readily.

I know I was surprised when the woman thanked her and walked off with it on her plate. Yes, she took the little girl’s cupcake. Who does that?

Photo by Tammy Green, used under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license via Wikimedia Commons.

  • To be kind to the elderly lady, maybe she didn’t want to offend the generous Isabella by not taking what was offered.

  • I can see not wanting to offend Bella by giving back but I don’t know a 2 year old who wouldn’t want it back. Personally I’d probably try to sneak it back on her plate.

  • Oh, I didn’t mind so much, especially since Isabella didn’t seem to care. She is very generous and will readily share with anyone who asks or at least any adult that asks.

    She’s been known to push away her toddler cousins who come ‘round looking to score some of her cake.

    But in this case she just went on to eat the rest of the cupcake on her plate.

  • how bizarre is that? She just took it? Kudos to your daughter though. You’re doing a good job with her.