Light blogging

Light blogging

It’s been a light blogging day, I know, and I see it’s been pretty light for many others as well. Whatever the reason for everybody else, I will admit that part of the reason is just that sleep deprivation is catching up to us. Having a baby who’s up at all hours isn’t as bad as I thought it might be (although poor Melanie suffers the brunt of it with the feedings—yet I still get up and do diapers and such). Still, it finally caught up to us.

Melanie woke me at 6 am this morning because Isabella had been feeding continuously between 3 and 5:30 and was now wide awake, while Melanie was ready to crash. So I took Bella out into the kitchen. She sat in her bouncy chair while I made myself breakfast (fried egg, cheese, and bacon sandwich… Mmmmm) and read the newspaper. Around 7, Melanie woke up and so I hopped in the shower, and when I came out they were both asleep again, Bella in Melanie’s arms in our bed, so I laid down beside them. Next time I opened my eyes it was ... 11:30! Aagh! There goes the day.

(Incidentally, new Isabella photos are available in the little photo widget on the left side of the page.)

We had planned to go out today to buy a motorized swing seat for Isabella, hoping that it would help calm her without having to be held constantly. When she’s tired and fussy, she demands to be held and rocked and sang to, and a swing might relieve our aching arms and backs a little. Off we went to Babies R’ Us, armed with the generous gift card my mom gave us for this purpose, and after trying to figure out the differences between the various models we settled on the Fisher-Price Aquarium Cradle Swing. With stops for lunch (Tennessee’s BBQ, Mmmm) and groceries (I firmly hold to the principle that one should never shop for groceries on an empty stomach), home we went.

Bella started fussing as I put the swing together (I startled her when I dropped some parts and she started crying), but after I put her in the final product and started her swinging to the soothing sound of waves, she quieted down right away. Hurrah! After 15 minutes of glassy-eyed staring, off she went to sleep and she’s been that way for hours. Yay! I’m thinking of sending a love letter to the people at Fisher-Price. This could be big!

By the time that was done, it was time to make dinner, and there went my whole day.

Don’t worry though, there’s plenty for me to blog about: The Middle East looks like it’s going to blow any time now, government contracting corruption looks like it finally took a life in Boston’s Big Dig, which has everyone scrambling to point fingers, and more. Stay tuned.

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  • Thanks for the advice. Solicited or not, it’s welcome.

    We have tried swaddling and it works sometimes, but she takes after her dad and kicks like mad to get any blanket off her legs, no matter how cool we keep the room. But if we keep at it sometimes she’ll be amenable.

  • Its good to read all of this advice – in 7 weeks or so we’ll have a new one.  Oh, for a special treat and GREAT bbq, try ordering Memphis BBQ from Memphis – they’ll pack it in dry ice and overnight it to you.  Try the Germantown Commissary for pulled pork, and Corky’s or the Rendevous for ribs.  Also, central bbq puts a nice twist on things….