Liberal-land sends hearty hello to the rest of America

Liberal-land sends hearty hello to the rest of America

It looks like Jen and I are the last conservative bloggers in Boston, if this is any indication. (Warning: Very rough language.)

(I know that’s not true, of course. There’s at least Tom and Mark.)

What we have at that link above is the Angry Left’s spleen-venting, a vicious tirade of invective against all those people below them who are so stupid and in-bred as to have voted for the President. Kettle, this is Pot: You’re black, too. And it’s not just Boston bloggers, but everywhere on the Net today it seems that most Lefties are showing why they are the Angry Left and why we say they are elitist and arrogant and don’t think the rest of us are smart enough to run our own lives so they should do it for us.

To listen to them complain, you’d think that new laws will be passed in the next week outlawing deviant sex and herding all Kerry voters into concentration camps. Don’t you worry folks, but, to borrow Kerry’s phrase, help is on the way. The economy is improving, al Quaeda is on the run and nearly run to ground, Iraq is getting more and more pacified with elections coming soon. This time next year, you’ll have found a whole new set of things to complain about because the old ones will be gone. (Just like you all used to complain about getting caught in quagmire in Afghanistan back in October 2001; Remember that old chestnut? How’d that work out for you?)

Today more than ever, I think I understand the meaning of the word shadenfreude

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Domenico Bettinelli