Liberal ideology for children

Liberal ideology for children

Your tax dollars at work. A PBS children’s show is exposing children to lesbian characters. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings criticized PBS and WGBH in Boston for producing the episode of “Postcards from Buster” that the title character visiting Vermont and meeting two lesbian couples. The episode is focused on farm life and maple sugaring.

This is typical of how such things are done. Rarely do they slap you in the face. Instead, they present it as a fait accompli, just a normal part of the background of life. This is why parents need to be extra careful in monitoring what their children watch. Otherwise you allow the poison to creep into your home through the idiot box.

  • Actually, there are better children’s cable channels out there… without =any= ads for “underwriters”. I let my child watch Noggin, and there’s a shorter version of Sesame Street on there (among other things). I don’t remember seeing any underwriting ads, and they’ve got a bunch of interesting shorts to run between shows.

    Anyway, Noggin is a nice network, and most of its shows originally were on PBS or some public TV channel in another country.

  • Next thing you know, Binky Barnes will be telling Arthur that he feels more like a girl than a boy, while Francine . . . oh, never mind.

    The only problem with these wondrous cable channels is that they come attached at the hip to 200 more channels of pure defecation.  The second greatest thing that could happen would be if you could buy the channels individually, but that would be far too fair to consumers.

    The first greatest thing that could happen would be if parents summoned up the spine to pull the plug.

    But then the video games wouldn’t work.

    Believe me, you can defund PBS and I won’t miss it a bit, nor will my kids, who find the PBS stuff rather wussy.  But that is only the first step in a long and bloody slog through the Kingdom of Crap [hope that’s allowed].  Given what most kids are like today, even sending them outside to frolic in the fresh air is no answer.