Liberal hatred for big families

Liberal hatred for big families

What is the primary liberal “virtue”? Tolerance. And what is the primary “vice”? Judgmentalism. Then why is it we so often fine too little of the former and plenty of the latter in the published writings of liberals?

In the San Francisco Chronicle, columnist Mark Morford drips with elitist blue-state disdain for “breeders”, and in particular, a family in Mississippi because they have actually had 16 children. And in his mocking self-deprecatory tone, he anticipates the criticism he will receive and embraces it.

Who are you to judge? Who are you to say that the more than slightly creepy 39-year-old woman from Arkansas who just gave birth to her 16th child yes that’s right 16 kids and try not to cringe in phantom vaginal pain when you say it, who are you to say Michelle Duggar is not more than a little unhinged and sad and lost?

And furthermore, who are you to suggest that her equally troubling husband—whose name is, of course, Jim Bob and he’s hankerin’ to be a Republican senator and try not to wince in sociopolitical pain when you say that—isn’t more than a little numb to the real world, and that bringing 16 hungry mewling attention-deprived kids (and she wants more! Yay!) into this exhausted world zips right by “touching” and races right past “disturbing” and lurches its way, heaving and gasping and sweating from the karmic armpits, straight into “Oh my God, what the hell is wrong with you people?”

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli