Levada now tells SF to stop gay adoptions

Levada now tells SF to stop gay adoptions

Although he apparently had no problems with the practice when he was archbishop of San Francisco, Cardinal-designate William Levada now says that the Archdiocese of San Francisco’s Catholic Charities should stop letting gays adopt.

Archbishop William Levada, who is now prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, acknowledged he had allowed three children to be placed in gay households during his 10 years as archbishop of San Francisco. But yesterday he declared that no bishop should permit children to be placed with gays.

A San Francisco spokesman says, “We’ll be reviewing” the request. Nice way to jump to it.

Amusingly, just hours before the email directive arrived on the West Coast, the director of SF Catholic Charities was telling the Boston Globe that gay adoptions are hunky-dory.

According to his updated figures, he said, in the past five years, of the 136 children adopted through his agency, five were placed with gay or lesbian parents. Cahill said he was aware of the Vatican pronouncement but believed that the gay adoptions were appropriate, given the agency’s religious mission to ‘‘serve the needs of vulnerable children.”

In other words: “I know what Church teaching is, but I don’t care. I decide what’s appropriate and what isn’t.” This is the head of a Catholic Charities agency. Nice to see the state of lay Catholic leadership in the US so clearly illustrated. Maybe we should shut all these Catholic Charities agencies down.

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Domenico Bettinelli