Lesson for parents: monitor what your kids do

Lesson for parents: monitor what your kids do

The Robida case I mentioned below is germinating discussions on all kinds of issues. Some people are noticing that Robida was active on MySpace.com, which has become very popular among teens. MySpace is sort of like blogs, but it’s also like instant messaging. In any case, it’s become a cesspool of juvenile postings and predators.

I went to Robida’s page on Sunday, before it was taken down. It was black with red type, full of anger and hatred and depictions of evil. The postings by his friends showcased the despair and nihilism endemic to a certain slice of a lost generation. Meanwhile the parents wring their hands and wonder how they can save their children from this stuff.

Here’s an idea: Take the computer, the telephone, and the television from your kids’ rooms. Then monitor what they’re doing on the Internet and the phone, what they’re watching on TV, what music they’re listening to, and what games they’re playing. Put limits on their access to same. It’s not impossible. My brother has six kids and manages to keep track of what they’re doing. Many of these people have just one kid. It’s a matter of priorities.

Why do kids end up this way? Parents can’t be blamed for everything, but surely they need to look at themselves.

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Domenico Bettinelli