Correcting Bill Cork’s errors

Correcting Bill Cork’s errors

Bill Cork compares me to Jonah for saying that the new reports on the document about gay seminarians would be worse than the satus quo because it will allow for easier circumvention.

Of course, he gets his facts wrong and since he doesn’t have the good manners to allow my comments to be posted on his site correcting his errors, I will post them here.

First, in response to his brother Jim who posts the first comment, who’s criticizing Benedict? I didn’t say the Pope was responsible for the content of the new document or for the alleged changes. This document has been in production for a long time. This whole “I knew they would turn on Benedict” jazz has become a tired cliche already. I haven’t turned on the Holy Father.

Second, it wasn’t “my” report on what the document was to contain since I haven’t worked at Catholic World News since August. I can’t have been incorrect in “my” report since I didn’t report it. I am the editor of Catholic World Report. That is not Catholic World News.

Third, the document isn’t out yet so it’s a little premature to come to a conclusion. He’s just as guilty of leaping to conclusions based on rumors. We’ll see what it actually says.

I do find it amusing that just because Reuterserrorists planned to bomb New York City subways. Interesting.

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Domenico Bettinelli