Least religious, most Catholic

Least religious, most Catholic

Gallup3.pngHere’s a disturbing statistic for the day: The top 4 least religious states in the US, according to percentage of those who say religion is an important part their lives are, in order, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts. In Massachusetts only 48% of respondents said that religion was important in their lives. (The other two New England states, Rhode Island and Connecticut were 8 and 10, respectively; Rounding out the list were Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Nevada.)

Coincidentally, the most Catholic states, as a percentage are Rhode Island and Massachusetts, although those numbers are almost 20 years old. But even six years ago, similar percentages were responding to polls that they at least considered themselves to be Catholic. And, it’s still something to consider that the most Catholic states 20 years ago are among the least religious today.

Map credit: Gallup