Lawsuit against Wal-Mart for not selling abortifacient

Lawsuit against Wal-Mart for not selling abortifacient

Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and a group of “emergency contraception” activists are suing Wal-Mart in Massachusetts because it refuses to sell the abortifacient pill. The basis of their suit is a state law that requires all pharmacies to “stock all medications that are commonly prescribed to meet the usual needs of the community.” Wal-Mart contends that the pill, which acts by preventing the newly conceived unborn child from implanting in his mother’s womb, is neither “commonly prescribed” nor is it a “usual need.”

Pro-abortionists are pushing EC because of growing opposition to surgical abortions. If women don’t have to go into clinics, but can instead get abortions by going to pharmacies, then there is no place for pro-lifers to picket. And if it happens through a little pill, then the squeamishness over babies ripped limb from limb can be overcome. Step 1 in that plan occurred last year when the state passed a law requiring all hospitals to provide EC to rape victims—and a provision exempting Catholic hospitals was defeated. The law also allows—but does not require—pharmacies to dispense E without a prescription.

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