Latin every week

Latin every week

Cardinal Francis Arinze, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, fresh off telling the world’s bishops to shape up their translations of pro multis, told a liturgical conference in St. Louis last week that we should celebrate Mass in Latin more often.

Cardinal Francis Arinze, one of the most popular and powerful Vatican officials to visit St. Louis since Pope John Paul II’s 1999 visit, told more than 250 people at the Chase Park Plaza Saturday morning that Latin should be used more frequently in the Roman Catholic liturgy.

The Latin language now, he said “is in the ecclesiastical refrigerator ... Mass today should be in Latin from time to time.”

He suggested that large parishes offer the Mass in Latin at least once per week and in smaller parishes, at least once per month. Keep in mind, he means the Novus Ordo Mass that doesn’t require the bishop’s permission to be celebrated in Latin, not the Tridentine.

(It is to be expected that the newspaper does the usual thing and gets “Latin Mass” confused with “Tridentine Mass,” and I would have expected better of Tim Townsend who has done a good job in the past covering the Church in St. Louis.

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