Latest from Orange diocese

Latest from Orange diocese

A reader attended Mass at St. Mary’s by the Sea in the diocese of Orange, Calif., yesterday. (This is the site of the parishioner revolt against an order to remain standing during Mass after the Agnus Dei which resulted in them being “invited” to leave the parish and the diocese.)

After the Pater Noster, the priest offered the sign of peace, but the congregation did not respond. After the Agnus Dei, about 90% of the congregation knelt. The priest interrupted his prayer and asked everyone to stand. No one stood up. What is interesting is that one person stood during the entire Canon, even during the consecration, yet the priest said nothing about this person.

The reader also sent copies of the bulletin, with the administrator Father Tran’s latest message to the parish, and the latest flier from the protesting parishioners. The bulletin clarifies the Church’s liturgical law which gives the bishop the discretion to decide whether the people of his diocese will remain standing from the great Amen until after the reception of Communion. He’s right. The Church’s law gives the bishop this right and the people should obey all lawful adaptations. Some critics have pointed this out as if this settles the question. It doesn’t.

Update: Gerald at the Cafeteria is Closed has an email from a St. Mary’s parishioner with more allegations against the pastor and clarification about the nature of his group.

About kneeling or about something else?

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Domenico Bettinelli