Late to Lighten Up Friday!

Late to Lighten Up Friday!

Having ducked out for the weekend before she posted it, I missed Karen Hall tagging me for her Lighten Up Friday! meme. If it’s okay, I’ll tackle it now. Apparently, I need to give 5 silly facts about me. Here goes.

  1. I can do about a dozen regional or national accents including Mainer, Texan, Minnesotan, Brooklyn, Indian, Chinese, Russian, French, Italian, Scottish, Irish, English (several variants), German, Italian, Spanish, Jamaican, and Lord knows what else.
  2. Since getting married I must only sleep on my stomach since sleeping in any other position allows me to snore, eliciting an elbow in the ribs from Melanie.
  3. Before I was married (or dating Melanie) I used to eat Indian chicken tikka masala three or four times a week. Why mess with a good thing? But it seems married life requires a variety of spice.
  4. I have had a beard for six years without interruption and Melanie has never seen me without it (apart from photos, of course).
  5. My nickname in high school was “Stump.” In Navy ROTC it was “Spock.” In college it was “Bomi.” I believe at one time or another over the past six years I have blogged the meaning of those names. Can you find the explanations?

Okay, I tag anyone who feels like doing it, including Melanie, Jeff Miller, Thomas Peters, the “anonymous” blogger at Totally Catholic Youth Ministry, and Patrick Coffin.
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