Las Vegas priest on the lam, wanted in beating of woman

Las Vegas priest on the lam, wanted in beating of woman

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any weirder. A Las Vegas priest is being sought by police as a suspect in a physical assault on a woman. Father George Chaanine has also been suspended by the diocese pending an investigation.

Police said a church employee accused Chaanine of striking her Friday afternoon inside a building on the church’s campus on the 3000 block of Alta Drive, near Rancho Drive.

Police on Saturday continued their search for the priest, who was considered a “person of interest” in the incident.

Chaanine owns a gun and could be armed and dangerous, police said.

“We want to talk with him, to hear his side of the story,” Ted Moody, deputy chief of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Investigative Services Division, said Saturday.

Moody didn’t speculate on a possible motive for the incident and said the case still was under investigation.

“There was some kind of personal contact between the two people. It’s reported to be a fight,” he said.

Some news reports said the woman claimed that Chaanine starting beating her after she rebuffed a sexual advance. As always, these are accusations and rumors at this point so take it with a grain of salt.

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  • I have been loath to blog about this. I actually tried once and erased what I started to say. It is heavy and burdensome. A dark cloud hulking over me- a weight I must shoulder as I struggle in my faith walk.

    Father George is my pastor, my confessor….

    What do you do when your priest has gone beserk? I pray for him and her and us, it really sucks.

  • I sympathize, Tim.  There are a lot of us wounded by the actions of our priests in one form or another who are still walking around inside the Catholic Church.  It raises multiple questions and provides no answers.  Yet there is nowhere else to go since this is the Church Christ founded and only He has the words of eternal life. 

    A faith walk is seldom easy.  When I get discouraged and wonder if I can hang on any longer, I pray that Jesus will hang onto me.  So far He has answered that prayer with a firm grip.  He will do the same thing for you if you ask Him.

  • My prayers go out to you and your fellow parishioners, Tim. We often forget that there are faithful people who are deeply hurt when these situations are revealed. I, for one, am crushed by much smaller events involving priests I know, so I have no idea how one survives such a tragedy, except by the love and grace of God, Who will not leave you orphans.
    That was a beautiful last paragraph, Carrie. How I rely on that firm grip…