Killing baby so that another might live

Killing baby so that another might live

Here’s one from Britain. A couple that has no moral qualms about in vitro fertilization does have qualms about implanting multiple embryonic children. The usual protocol for IVF is to implant several embryos to ensure higher chances of success, given that the odds are high that many if not all will fail to implant and die.

Like many couples, Debby and Simon Cooper turned to fertility treatment in a bid to have their longed-for baby.

But while many couples who opt for IVF want to have two, or even three, embryos implanted to increase their chances of expanding their family, the Coopers only wanted to have one embryo implanted.

They had already lost one baby, and did not want to risk the problems that can accompany a twin or triplet pregnancy.

The couple had already conceived naturally once before but found out at 20 weeks that the child had a rare birth defect and would only survive hours or days outside the womb. So they decided to abort him. They said that it wasn’t a choice of having a severely disabled child, but that he wouldn’t survive. There are some parents who might say that it would be worth it because you just don’t know how much time you really get.

What’s hard to grasp is their attitude: They decided to try IVF but only want one implantation in case the defect reoccurs and killing one baby threatened a healthy twin.

Nothing like preparing to kill your child so that you don’t take out his brother or sister. Not to mention that even though only one embryo is implanted, the IVF procedure still creates a whole lot of others that never get out of the petri dish, but are stored until “disposed of” somewhere down the line.

This is where we’ve ended up in the culture of death: So blithely choosing life and death for our children as if choosing which steak to have for dinner and, under the guise of being compassionate and protective parents, we make plans for killing the inconvenient and deformed.

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Domenico Bettinelli