Kerry’s scrambling

Kerry’s scrambling

John Kerry’s looking more desparate by the day. I just got an email from some PR firm with a linked article (I won’t bother giving free publicity to the outright load of baloney it is) that claims that Kerry is really pro-life and in 1997 actually proposed a bill to ban on all abortions in the third trimester. Of course, he did no such thing.

The bill was a red herring, a typical cynical Trojan horse that they knew would never pass any vote because it contained enough exceptions and slippery language that it wouldn’t ban a single abortion if passed. Think about it, if Kerry were really pro-life wouldn’t he have said so long before now? The reality is that Kerry is the only presidential candidate to be endorsed by Planned Parenthood and has been given a perfect voting record on abortion by pro-abortion groups. And let’s not forget his paean of praise for abortion at the 2003 NARAL dinner.

Kerry’s worried that the Catholic vote is slipping away so he’s releasing this bogus story on a Friday before the election so there’s not enough time to refute it. What he doesn’t count on is the speed of the Internet.