Kerry supporters make little girl cry

Kerry supporters make little girl cry

image This is just wrong. A guy and his three-year-old daughter are at the airport where Kerry is showing up. The girl is holding a Bush-Cheney sign. What do the Kerry supporters do? They rip the sign out of her hands and tear it up, making her cry. That’s just disgusting.

There’s lots of talk about the Angry Left, and they really do exist. Sure, there are angry Republicans, but they’re certainly fewer and far between. But attacking a kid? I just can’t imagine that.

(Look at the guy on the left: He’s got pieces of the sign still in his hands and self-satisfied smirk on his face. I’d like to wipe it off. Jerk.)

  • Agreed Dom and David – disgusting.

    Now – as someone else suggested – I hope the White House sends her a replacement or a signed picture of the President and First Lady…

  • Um, check out this:

    Now, I’m not saying it’s a setup, or that those ripping up the signs are in the right, but when you’ve got a guy who’s had a run-in in previous campaigns with similar behavior, he can’t claim to be surprised or shocked.  And it seems pretty irresponsible to use one’s 3-yr-old as a tool to make a political point, especially as one’s been through it before and know what’s likely to happen.  I know I wouldn’t do that to =my= child.

  • I disagree with the claim at that blog that the guy on the left is the dad’s son, but I did and do think the dad was pretty dumb to put his three-year-old girl in that situation. Even so, it doesn’t excuse such thuggish tactics by the pro-Kerry bunch.

  • meep
    The President came here (lucky for me 1/4 mile from my house!) for a rally this past week.  There were several children, holding signs, cheering, waving banners with their parents. There were also several with their protesting parents across the street. I don’t know a thing about this family, but it’s not totally unlikely for passion to get a little crazy.

  • I have never seen such meanness in a political campaign…and nearly all of it comes from the hateful left….they’d run over their own grandmother if she was carrying a Bush sign….severaltimes.

  • Further:

    Look, I’m not saying his son ripped up the sign to frame the union members.  I’m sure the people in the crowd would know who his son is.  What I’m saying is that this guy has had experience like this before, and was irresponsible in bringing a 3-yr-old to this kind of situation.  He should have gone by himself and held up his own sign, and taken the brunt himself. 

  • One doesn’t need to enlist the help of one’s son to pull of something like this. The question is were the union folk outraged enough to stop their fellow union member?

    Parlock dismissed the idea saying that this is a small town and everyone would have recognized his son and told the media.

    This is another campaign loser for Kerry. Like the shots of him in the stupid space suit, him playing football, wind surfing, his semi-nude daughter at Cannes and his 1970s protest pictures…

  • I mentioned this over at Mark Shea’s blog.  Whether or not this event was a stunt, the Democrats in my town have little interest in free speech.

    Last weekend, scores of Bush-Cheney signs disappeared from my neighborhood.

    My friend in city government told me they do it every election and that over 200 signs from her last campaign were stolen.

    They do it so often that she is advising people to either put signs in their windows or wait until just before the election before placing them in yards.  Otherwise the pattern of the Democrat thieves it to steal them again.

    This morning’s Cincinnati Enquirer has a letter complaining about the same thing in another neighborhood.

  • The dad didn’t “put his three year old girl in *that position*.”  What the father did was take his little girl to a political event.  I took my kids to political events too!  They need to learn about the political process. 

    That man who assaulted the little girl—and that’s what it was—needs to be arrested.

    The little girl is probably not grieving about the sign folks.  She’s probably upset because of the thug who scared her.  What a creep! 

  • Then he should have taken her to a Bush rally. Taking her to a Kerry rally holding a Bush sign is asking for trouble. Especially since it’s now apparent this guy has done this before.

    And of course we know it’s not about the sign. We’re not dense.

  • I wonder how much sadder the little girl would be if the union thug, instead of ripping her sign up, had ripped off her arms and legs.

    Kerry supports abortion, which makes 650,000 little American girls and 650,000 little American boys every year DIE.  Their body parts are ripped off of them by a powerful vacuum while they are still alive.  How sad are they? 

  • Uh, Dom, in the United States there are laws against assault everywhere, including public spaces.  I should be able to walk through a Kerry rally without being assaulted too.  Assault is against the law in a free society.  It’s violence no matter where it happens.

    This occurred on publicly owned land, or a university or where?

  • Where did I say that the assault is justified? It’s illegal to mug people, but I still have to be prudent and now walk through dimly lit alleys at night. This guy was not prudent, taking his little girl someplace where he knew from experience they would be assaulted. The people who attacked them are still jerks, but this guy wasn’t too bright either.

  • I don’t think it should be considered imprudent to go to a Kerry rally with a Bush sign, even if you are a small human being.  I think the Kerry people should be more civilized than that.  That is my point.

    This isn’t a war.  These people are goons and that’s where the blame lies. 



  • The response from the White House:

    I don’t see anything wrong with the father taking the child to protest Kerry.  One would hope full grown presumably adult people wouldn’t behave in this fashion.  It’s not the first time this sort of thing or worse has happened during this cycle, just the first 3 year old.

  • I agreee with Dom.  As a parent to bring a child to a Kerry rally holding a Bush sign is imprudent—placing the child in a situation where a danger to her is forseeable and avoidable.

    It was wrong to tear up the sign. The crimes are assault and theft.  The correct action as a private event is to ask the person to leave and if they refuse it becomes a trespass.  For a public event, you’d have to leave the sign carrier alone.

    It was very wrong to make an accusation in a blog—the MSM grabbed at to make points: Parlock used yet another son as a agent provacteur—and then to make the point that bloggers make wild charges that the MSM pick up.

    Michelle Malkin has the story: “That’s ridiculous. This is a small town,” Parlock told me from his home in Huntington, W. Virginia. “Everyone would recognize him.”