Kerry, Bush fight over Tom Brady

Kerry, Bush fight over Tom Brady

Tom Brady at State of Union  Matt Drudge is reporting that Bush and John Kerry are fighting over a Tom Brady endorsement after Brady agreed to appear that the State of the Union address as a guest of First Lady Laura Bush:

Super Bowl-bound New England Patriot quarterback Tom Brady has become one of the most sought after political endorsements this election cycle after he agreed to be a guest of President Bush and Laura Bush in her VIP box during the State of the Union speech!

TV images of 25 year-old Brady giving Bush repeated standing ovations—and cheering during several of the speech’s passages—thrilled White House operatives. One Bush staffer emailed the DRUDGE REPORT: “It was a Touchdown from Kerry’s own 40-yard-line!”

Brady was seated next to Joyce Rumsfeld, wife of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and Alma Powell, wife of Secretary of State Colin Powell. Not to be outdone, senior Kerry campaign staffers are now attempting to somehow arrange their own photo-op between Kerry and Brady. Inside the Kerry camp, Brady is being described as the “dream endorsement.”

Until recently, Kerry had every reason to believe Brady was solidly on his team. Last Summer Brady even agreed to host a fund-raiser for Kerry in Boston. [He later canceled, claiming a scheduling conflict.]  While an official from the New England Patriot organization claims Brady went to Washington this week to simply represent the NFL, others close to the star athlete now claim he is supporting Bush in the upcoming presidential election.

“He has switched his preference from [Massachusetts Sen. John] Kerry to Bush,” a well-placed source close to Brady said Tuesday night from Boston. “He thinks President Bush has demonstrated leadership, he was proud, no, he was thrilled to go to Washington to be the president’s guest and to hear his speech. He’s been talking about it for weeks.”

Meanwhile, Dem frontrunner Kerry repeatedly makes references to the New England Patriots. He began his Iowa victory speech with praise for his home team.

“Last Sunday the New England Patriots won, and one week from today, American patriots here in New Hampshire have an opportunity to restore fairness to America and to put the American people back in charge,” Kerry explained.

I think it’s all very funny to see them fighting over Brady. After all, they’re not fighting over Peyton Manning or Jake Delhomme. Add this to the sports press’s accolades of Brady as the next Joe Montana and it gives the lie to Patriots’ fans’ widespread belief that the Patriots don’t get any respect.

My only concern right now is that this not be a distraction for Brady as he prepares for the only job-related event that matters for him right now: the Super Bowl.