Kennedy, the “good” Catholic

Kennedy, the “good” Catholic

In what sense is Sen. Ted Kennedy a “good Catholic”? Okay, I’m not judging anyone’s eternal destination here, but if you were trying to determine a “good” Catholic vs. a “bad” Catholic what criteria would you use? Perhaps whether that person actually practices the faith, believes what the Church teaches, something like that. Evidently, in CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer’s world you’re a good Catholic if you dissent from the Church’s teachings.

  • Well in this day of the only good catholic is a good christian why should we be surprised that we have to defend our faith so much. God has already told us blessed are they who are persecuted in my name the kingdom of heaven is theirs. So now we are faced as never before and will continue to be faced with the prospect of standing by our faith and renouncing those that do not. But it’s too much to hope that the renouncing might happen in this day of Christian Catholics from the very sources that matter most and I mean the church’s bishops and higher leaders. The very one’s that are supposed to be the shepards of God’s church here on earth, gee guys what happened to serving the LORD above all else?

  • GOR,

    ‘Twasn’t Spelly that gave moral guidance and example to the Kennedy Clan, but Richard Cardinal Cushing.  And even then, I’m not sure that the relationship between Cushing and the Clan was warm and friendly.  I seem to recall that Spellman chose to have little to do with the Kennedys.  There were questions in Spellman’s mind about the Kennedy’s commitment against communism.