Keeler submits resignation

Keeler submits resignation

This was not unexpected, of course. Cardinal William Keeler of Baltimore submitted his letter of resignation to the Pope upon turning 75 as required by canon law. As usual there’s no way of knowing when the resignation will actually be accepted. He joins Cardinals Adam Maida of Detroit and Theodore McCarrick of DC as cardinals serving past 75. Six other diocesan bishops are also serving past 75 and there are five empty sees.

Bishop Joseph Imesch of Joliet, Illinois, turns 75 in June, which we can all hope means his resignation will be accepted speedily. In addition to Imesch, six more diocesan bishops will turn 75 this year, including Archbishops Thomas Kelly of Louisville and Oscar Lipscomb of Mobile. Bishop Charles Grahmann of Dallas will turn 75 in July. Another opportunity to add by subtraction, so to speak.

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