Good Friday first, home opener second

Good Friday first, home opener second

The headline says “Church bans Fenway franks.” That was emblazoned across the front page of the Boston Herald this morning. Unfortunately for the editors, that’s not what happened. Here’s the real story: The Boston Red Sox scheduled their home opener for April 9, which is Good Friday. Of course, as we all know, Catholics are obliged to fast and abstain from meat on Good Friday. Well, some people have been asking the Archdiocese of Boston for a dispensation and Archbishop O’Malley ishate them, if they think they are wrong. And he brings up the correct point that the Church calls us to love and convert homosexuals not to spew hatred at them.

  • Looks like Bishop O’Malley is nixing the idea of civili unions (see third to last paragraph.)

    This does come off as finger wagging to the defenders of marriage.

    His child-rearing argument and references to divorce and out of wedlock babies falls right into the trap of the SSM advocates. They are arguing that they have children and want to raise them in a same-sex marriage.

    Bishop O’Malley’s tract studiously avoids the slightest scent of moral language and moral reasoning. Because of this and because of Bishop Reilly’s full endorsement of civil unions I charge that the Bishops are waffling to a certain extent on this one. They seem timid.

    Your Catholic Voice’s “Let the People Vote” reasoning is also flawed. Fifteen years from now the public will be supporting brothers and sisters to marry and three men to marry.