Just a bunch of right-wing, antiabortion zealots

Just a bunch of right-wing, antiabortion zealots

Eileen McNamara, one of the Boston Globe’s triumvirate of anti-Catholic, Catholic, liberal, op-ed feminists, vents her spleen today against those “zealots” protesting Boston Mayor Tom Menino’s honoring by Catholic Charities. I wondered, as I opened the page, if I would receive the honor of being on the receiving end of her ire. Alas, I guess I’m not enough of a zealot.

She does seem a mite confused. First she says that these people are not leaders of a “right-wing ascendancy among the laity” but just plain old antiabortion zealots. If being opposed to the slaughter of children is zealotry then count me a zealot. If you can’t be zealous about protecting the lives of children, what should you be zealous about?

But then this is where McNamara gets confused. She says that we’re just dupes of the hierarchy, being exploited to promote “a backlash against reformers outraged by the criminal conduct of predatory priests and the bishops who protected them.” Eileen, get your facts straight. These people have not exactly been applauding the Scandal and the coverup. These are the same people who have been demanding reform. But what McNamara really means by reformers is Voice of the Faithful, whose idea of reform is using the Scandal as a cover for changing all those inconvenient teachings of the Church they don’t like.

Tools of the hierarchy?

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