Judicial bias

Judicial bias

A New York state attorney suing the Diocese of Albany says the judge overseeing the case has shown bias towards the Church. Specifically, the lawyer says the judge and the diocese have engaged in ex parte communication, or private communication without the other side’s lawyer present. That’s a big no-no in legal circles.

If this is the case, the judge should recuse himself and be censured. Being a loyal son of the Church doesn’t mean cheating or breaking the rules to protect her. If the judge did engage in unethical conduct, then he would join the long line of judges, lawyers, prosecutors, and police who have looked the other way when confronted by priestly misconduct and they deserve as much of the blame as some of the bishops and other priests do.

The truth should be our guideline. I seem to remember Jesus telling us that the truth will set us free. That is true on so many levels.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli